John Turturro Talks ‘The Night Of,’ Crime Scenes, Kalief Browder

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To be a good defense lawyer you have to control time and space — it’s a little like quantum physics. You have to present a reality. I talked a lot with a lawyer, Kenneth Montgomery, and he was telling me this — he’s the lawyer John Stone could have been. – John Turturro


New York Times
TaxStone, Podcast Host Arrested in Shooting at T.I. Concert in Manhattan

Mr. Campbell’s lawyer, Kenneth Montgomery, said he could not discuss the case before learning more about the accusations.“He’s doing as best he can for anybody charged with a federal crime,” Mr. Montgomery said of Mr. Campbell. “He’s a smart young man, and he’s concerned about his family, like anyone would be.”


Daily News
50 Cent Show ‘Power’ in Lawsuit for Lifting Premise From Another Script

Reps for 50 Cent and Starz could not immediately be reached.

CBS, which is also being sued for its role distributing “Power,” said it was just “made aware of this filing and we are looking into this matter.”

“We’re looking forward to litigating the case” said Kenneth Montgomery, who is representing the writers.


Entertainment Weekly
The Night Of Star John Turturro uses Kenneth Montgomery’s Experience for Inspiration in the Show

“Well, I met with this one star defense lawyer in Brooklyn. His name is Kenny Montgomery. You gotta see him, he looks like Idris Elba. Big, strong guy, handsome, so charismatic. He should be a star of a show. It’s oftentimes the guy who doesn’t look like who you’re playing that can really help you.”


Daily News
Brooklyn high school football star cleared in triple shooting

Rahmel Ashby cried tears of joy as the jury unanimously agreed there was not enough evidence to prove he shot Quinesha Reeves, Monay Langhorne and Rogelio King on April 29, 2014.

“It was easy. Just check the facts. Once we heard all the evidence there was no proof he did this,” said one of the jurors after the verdict was handed down in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

“I’m just glad the jury listened to the evidence and believed in the presumption of innocence,” said Ashby’s attorney Ken Montgomery, who had no-holds-barred cross-examination with the prosecutor’s witnesses .


Daily News
Charges dropped against 5 accused in Brooklyn gang rape

Prosecutors have dismissed rape charges against five Brooklyn teenagers accused of raping an 18-year-old woman last month at gunpoint after chasing off her father at a playground in Brownsville, officials said.

Not only did the woman recant her sexual assault allegations, but she told investigators there really was no gun, said Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson.

And to make matters much, much worse , she was actually having sex with her own father, Thompson said.


New York Times
Video Is Said to Show the Moments Before a Suspected Gang Rape in Brooklyn

“What are we really doing here?” asked Kenneth Montgomery, the lawyer for Denzel Murray, 14. “Have we not learned our lessons from the Central Park Five?”

A smartphone video that its owner and defense lawyers said showed a brief verbal encounter before a suspected gang rape at a Brooklyn playground emerged on Tuesday, another development in an increasingly complex inquiry that has roiled the city.

Police Commissioner William J. Bratton said the Police Department should have notified the public more quickly of the alleged attack, a contention that the mayor had made on Monday.


Prosecution Is About Locking Black People Up

Earlier this week a new report from the Women Donors Network revealed that 95 percent of America’s elected prosecutors are white.

For context on this stunning number, I spoke to Melba Pearson, the president of the National Black Prosecutors Association and an assistant state attorney in the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office. Pearson told me about her efforts to recruit black law students into her profession by convincing them that if they really want to make the criminal justice system less discriminatory against black communities, they should become prosecutors, not defense attorneys, because that’s where the real power in the system lies.