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Will You Be My Black Friend?

GQ Magazine

His name was Kenny. I got his business card. We said, Let’s definitely hang out. Kenny is kind of intense. He told me about growing up in Brownsville and Crown Heights. And how he told his son that George Washington wasn’t who the teachers at school said he was: He was a man with slaves. And how this white lady he worked with wanted to know how he could brush his hair so it’s wavy instead of kinky.

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Pete Rock’s Lawyer Issues Statement on Police Brutality Incident

“When the officers arrived some of them entered the venue where they witnessed a peaceful environment, they quickly exited the venue and joined their fellow officers in the exit area of the venue. The officers then hurried into the club and began macing and assaulting individuals inside the club, dragging one of them out and pummeling him directly in front of the club.

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Lawyers Deliver Closing Statements In Russian Mob-Linked Murder Trial

Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Calling the prosecution’s decision to bring charges against Ivanitsky based on the testimony of two admitted killers “a case where the government married the devil,” Montgomery began his attack with the prosecution’s two key witnesses.

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Rock From Heltah Skeltah Beats Attempted Murder Charge


Dru Ha, the CEO of Duck Down Records, made the announcement.

“Exhale for Rock & congratulations to his attorney Kenneth Montgomery for the NOT GUILTY VERDICT! Incredible job,” Dru Ha said via Twitter.

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We Spoke to Defense Attorneys about Racial Profiling and Trayvon Martin

Vice Magazine

Ken Montgomery, a former prosecutor and current criminal defense attorney in Brooklyn, thinks that the notion that the Zimmerman verdict was just a failure to produce proof is intellectually dishonest.

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Teen’s shooting by N.Y. police angers already tense Brooklyn area

LA Times

“These police patrol these neighborhoods like they’re paramilitary,” said Kenneth J. Montgomery, an attorney for the Gray family. “That ‘innocent till proven guilty’ — that sounds great, but it’s not reality.”

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A Mother’s Loss and a Mayor’s Unwelcome Sympathy

NY Times

“We weren’t interested in the photo op,” said Kenneth J. Montgomery, a lawyer representing Ms. Gray. “In the totem pole of important things and important emotions”…

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Woman Who Sought U.S. Asylum Is Arrested

NY Times

A West African woman whose plea for political asylum drew national attention after she said she feared genital mutilation in Ghana was arrested in Queens yesterday on charges that she lied under oath…

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Woman Convicted of Assault in Bodega Stabbing

Brooklyn Daily Eagle

A young mother was convicted yesterday morning for stabbing another woman in a Brownsville bodega. The incident originated as a disagreement over a missing mobile phone.

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Black Prosecutors

Race & Ethnicity in the new urban America

When New York City police officers fired 41 shots and killed the unarmed West African immigrant Amadou Diallo in 1999, Kenneth Montgomery knew they would go free. “I knew justice would not be served,” he said.

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Teacher, beau not guilty in slashing

Daily News

A Math Teacher and her ex-boyfriend broke into tears yesterday as a Queens jury acquitted them of viciously slashing the face of an elementry school prinicipal two years ago.

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Beckford slaps combs with $5 million lawsuit

San Francisco Gate

Sean “Diddy” Combs has been slapped with a $5 million breach of contract and copyright infringement lawsuit by model Tyson Beckford.

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